Lance Reddick's Wife Breaks Her Silence Following The John Wick Star's Death At 60

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Following Lance Reddick's tragic decease astatine 60, his woman Stephanie Reddick has spoken retired astir her husband. She took to his Instagram coming to salary tribute to her precocious partner, and definitive gratitude for nan support nan family has received. 

The station included portraits of Lance Reddick, and Stephanie Reddick wrote a caption to opportunity convey you for everyone's support, specifically thanking nan "thousands of Destiny players" who paid tribute to her precocious husband. She wrote on Instagram: 

Lance was taken from america acold excessively soon. Thank you for each your overwhelming love, support and beautiful stories shared connected these platforms complete nan past day. I spot your messages and can't statesman to definitive really grateful I americium to person them. And to nan thousands of Destiny players who played successful typical tribute to Lance, convey you. Lance loved you arsenic overmuch arsenic he loved nan game.

Along pinch mentioning nan emotion and support she felt from fans of nan video crippled Destiny 2, a task that Reddick worked connected for complete a decade, she besides mentioned that donations could beryllium made to successful Baltimore, which is Rddick’s hometown. 

Reddick was recovered connected Friday greeting astatine his location successful Studio City, his origin of decease is not confirmed, however, TMZ reported that it appears to beryllium natural. The news came arsenic a daze to many, arsenic nan character was only 60 years old, and he had galore projects successful nan works. 

Support was instantly shown for nan Reddick family arsenic friends and fans reached out, including Keanu Reeves who paid tribute to his John Wick co-star. The character wrote that his “love and prayers” are pinch Stephanie Reddick and their kids, friends and family. He besides noted that their upcoming movie John Wick: Chapter 4 would beryllium dedicated to Lance Reddick. 

Along pinch being portion of nan John Wick: Chapter 4 cast, Reddick was besides portion of nan ensemble of nan spin-off Ballerina. He besides was portion of nan Percy Jackson cast arsenic nan deity Zeus, and is slated to look successful nan movies White Men Can’t Jump, Shirley and St. Sebastian, which are each projects that are either completed aliases successful post-production. So, we’ll beryllium capable to still spot this beloved character successful nan months to come, connected some nan 2023 TV schedule and successful a fewer of this year’s new movie releases. 

While it’s astonishing we’ll get to spot truthful overmuch much of Lance Reddick successful nan adjacent future, he besides has an astonishing legacy. He appeared successful each section of HBO’s The Wire arsenic good arsenic a fewer episodes of nan network’s acclaimed bid Oz. After that, he went connected to prima successful different deed shows for illustration Lost and Bosch. So, on pinch his astonishing profession successful movies and video games, he’ll besides beryllium remembered for his outstanding performances successful classical tv shows. 

It’s tragic that we mislaid specified a awesome character truthful early, and seeing each nan support fans person shown for his wife, family and friends is heartwarming. Stephanie Reddick made it clear she was very grateful for each nan thoughtful messages sent to her from her husband's fans, and it’s clear that he near a bequest that will ever beryllium remembered. 

CinemaBlend sends our thoughts and condolences to Lance Reddick's family, friends and fans during this difficult time; he'll beryllium missed dearly. 

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