Kenan Thompson And Kel Mitchell Speak Out, As Good Burger 2 Is Announced At Paramount+

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Kel Mitchell and Kenan Thompson successful Good Burger
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Fans person been clamoring for news connected a Good Burger sequel for a while now. While nan task has been rumored for years, nan film's OG stars Kenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell person been providing updates complete nan past fewer months. Now, it looks for illustration fans officially person their wish, arsenic Good Burger 2 has officially gotten nan greenish ray and will participate accumulation astatine Paramount+. And amid nan bully news becoming public, Thompson and Mitchell said retired astir yet getting to nutrient a sequel to their beloved '90s teen comedy.

The drama duo made nan charismatic announcement during their quality connected The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, overmuch to nan excitement of nan crowd. In conjunction pinch nan news, nan 2 starring men released statements that were stock pinch THR. Kenan Thompson, successful his ain message, said connected nan agelong travel to nan much-demanded sequel greenlit:

I can’t judge it’s been a small complete 25 years since awesome customer work was calved astatine Good Burger! Being a portion of thing truthful galore generations of group person travel to emotion has made maine truthful proud and now to beryllium backmost wherever it each began moving connected nan sequel is surreal!

One would deliberation that getting nan Good Burger sequel disconnected nan ground was challenging amid aggregate rumors and nan “will-it-won’t-it-happen” facet regarding whether nan brace of stars would reprise their celebrated roles. After years of mendacious starts and instrumentality inquiries, this announcement is surely a full-circle infinitesimal for Kenan Thompson and his co-star. And I'd reason that they beryllium a batch to nan fans for showing nan 1997 Nickelodeon movie truthful overmuch emotion complete nan years.

Of course, Kel Mitchell is besides amped to don his champion surfer accent and Ed’s trademark dreads erstwhile again. In his statement, nan All That alum said astir what it intends for him to beryllium capable to revive his goofy, but sweet, characteristic for a caller procreation of viewers arsenic good arsenic those who grew up pinch nan OG film:

Ed is 1 of those timeless characters that has brought truthful overmuch joyousness and laughter to fans, and it’s specified a beautiful blessing to still beryllium doing it aft each these years. It’s ace awesome to travel backmost and proceed nan stories of Dex, Ed and Good Burger for some nan group who grew up watching and their kids.

Is anyone other getting nostalgia conscionable reference nan comments from some actors? I cognize I am, and I can't hold to spot what they and their collaborators person successful store. And if you want old-school vibes, cheque retired their question and reply pinch Jimmy Fallon, during which they execute "We're All Dudes":

Fans won’t person to hold agelong for nan eagerly anticipated sequel, arsenic accumulation will commencement successful May, pinch nan movie scheduled to premiere later this twelvemonth for those pinch a Paramount+ subscription. The movie will spot Dexter Reed and Ed reunite 25 years aft nan events of nan first film, pinch a caller motley unit of labor surrounding them. The upcoming movie will beryllium directed by Brooklyn Nine-Nine and Modern Family alum Phil Traill from a book penned by OG Good Burger scribes Kevin Kopelow and Heath Seifert. The penning duo will service arsenic executive producers connected nan sequel. There's judge to beryllium a batch of unit connected nan formed and crew, but I'm hopeful that Kel Mitchell, Kenan Thompson and. co. tin propulsion it off!

If you want to revisit nan original Good Burger, conscionable watercourse nan cult classical connected Paramount+. After watching nan film, usage a Netflix subscription to watch nan classical sketches from nan first 2 seasons of All That. Also, retrieve to cheque backmost pinch our schedule 2023 caller movie releases for accusation connected different movies that are hitting theaters and streaming this year.

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